How Can I Keep My Dog Calm Under Exciting Circumstances

Let me start this part with a couple of human examples. To do that I’ll need to ask you a
question. What makes the difference between a well behaved child and a child that is out of control? I think most people will agree that training is one of the very important
things in that process. Yes simply teaching the child what is acceptable and what is not.

The same thing is true with your dog. First of all we need to consider the dog’s age and I
think you’ll understand that a very young puppy is going to be more excitable and out of
control than a dog that is older. However training should start with a puppy and not wait
till your dog is older and has developed a bunch of bad habits.

Some of the exercises that can help with this include walking on a leash nicely so the dog
isn’t dragging you down the street or towards other people. The sit stay and the down
stay are also very important exercises to teach control and to keep your dog calm. These
exercises can all be taught to your dog starting at the age of four months. Again keep in
mind just like a child your dog may be learning these exercises but won’t be perfect with
them when it is this young.

Okay so here’s the good stuff. Now I’m going to share with you how to keep your dog


Yes, it’s as simple as that one word, exercise. So how do we go about getting enough
exercise to keep your dog calm? Go for daily walks. If 30 minutes doesn’t do it shoot for
an hour. In fact a lot of people love using a treadmill for this.

Another way to exercise your dog if it likes to chase a toy is to go out and play retrieve
games. Yes, throw that ball or toy until your dog is worn out.

Now here’s the best way to exercise your dog without you having to do anything. I love
doggie daycares for this. Be sure that you choose a daycare that evaluates all new dogs
for temperament before allowing them in the program. This will help assure you that
your dog is with other friendly dogs. I have found that if you will take your dog to doggie
daycare two our three times a week you’ll be amazed at how much calmer your dog is.
Doggie daycare offers nonstop activity for your dog and definitely gets rid of a lot of that


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